How Can I Schedule an Appointment with an Immigration Physician in Ottawa?

When it comes to the legal immigration process, countless details need attention. One such crucial aspect is getting an immigration medical exam. Confused? Don’t worry! We’re here to walk you through the process, especially if you’re in Ottawa. We’ll help you understand what an immigration physician does and how to schedule an appointment with one.

Medical Examination and Its Importance In Immigration

The immigration medical exam holds a high degree of relevance in the immigration process. This importance emanates from its purpose, which primarily includes ensuring that individuals seeking to immigrate are in good health and are not likely to pose any health-related threats to the residents of the country they intend to settle in.

The Role of an Immigration Panel Physician

The role of the immigration physician or a panel physician in conducting the immigration medical examination is crucial. The physician is a medical professional authorized by immigration authorities to perform these specific exams. The physician performs the following tasks:

  • Reviewing Medical History: The physician reviews your previous records detailing any diseases, surgeries, medications, and ongoing health issues. This gives them an understanding of your overall health condition to better interpret the results of the physical examination and tests.
  • Performing Physical and Mental Evaluations: The physician evaluates your physical and mental health to ensure you are fit to immigrate. The physical evaluation includes checking vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, etc., while the mental evaluation encompasses psychological tests to assess your mental fitness.
  • Implementing Disease Screening Procedures: The physician performs a series of tests to screen for specific diseases. Some conditions could make an individual ineligible for immigration, so the physician screens for tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, and leprosy, among others.

Preparing for this medical examination with the right knowledge will give you an edge as you progress through your immigration journey. All this might seem intimidating, but you must see it as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for you to understand the role of an immigration panel physician

The immigration panel physician is responsible for assessing immigrants’ health conditions, ensuring they pose no health threat to public safety. This is done through a comprehensive process that involves a medical history review, physical evaluation, mental evaluation, and disease screening; these form the core of your consultation. You get to discuss these matters during your consultation at our immigration medical center.

Cost and Validity of the Medical Exam

Now, you might wonder, “How much would the immigration medical exam cost?” The cost of the medical examination for immigration varies depending on the center you choose. Thus, it is essential to ask about the price range before scheduling your immigration medical exam. Once completed, your medical exam results’ validity is limited to a certain duration determined by the respective authorities.

Scheduling an Immigration Medical Exam

Once you’re aware of the process, the real question is, how do you schedule an appointment? You can contact an immigration panel physician to organize your medical exam appointment. Places like Ottawa are home to several civil surgeons approved by the National Visa Center, making it easy to secure an appointment. 

What To Expect During Your Appointment

It’s normal to feel uncertain before your appointment, so let’s discover more about what you can expect since every country’s health conditions for a green card or equivalent immigration documents vary.

  • Understanding the requirements: Every country has its own set of health conditions required for a green card or equivalent immigration documents. Ensure you are aware of what the immigration medical exam requirement might entail in your case. This could range from reviewing your vaccination records, conducting a thorough physical and mental evaluation, and performing specified disease tests, among others.
  • Preparation for the appointment: It is important to come prepared for your appointment. Documents you need to bring along include your identification proofs, medical records, vaccination records, and any treatment documents you may have, if applicable. Being well-prepared not only facilitates a smooth process but also helps prevent any unnecessary delays or rescheduling.

Post Examination

Once your exam is over, the panel physician will send the test results to the respective application processing body. Usually, these results are sent directly, and individuals are not allowed to hand-deliver their results unless specified otherwise.


Securing an appointment with an immigration physician may seem daunting, but by following this guide, you could make the experience more manageable. Remember, adequate preparation and research before your appointment can help make the process go more smoothly. So, equip yourself with the right information and face this part of the immigration journey with confidence.

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