4 Important Tips to Do for Your Dog’s First Pet Boarding

Leaving their dog in kennels triggers anxiety and stress for numerous pet owners, ruining their vacation excitement. Certainly, not every dog boarding experience results from anything exciting, like a vacation. Dogs frequently end themselves in kennels not because their human companions are taking a vacation but because they have to.

Tips for Preparing Your Dog for Pet Boarding

When circumstances come up that demand dog owners to be away from their pets, they should make plans to have them taken care of properly. One typical method for doing this is by boarding your dog. Your dog may find pet boarding stay exciting or cause anxiety and separation.

Before leaving your furry buddy in the kennel, you can follow these essential tips to ensure their comfort and joy while there.

Update their Vaccinations

It is common practice for kennels and other dog boarding facilities to require proof of updated vaccinations for any dog residing there. Though time-consuming, this is necessary for the health of your dog and the other canines in the boarding facility. Neither you nor any fur parents wish their dog to get sick while you’re gone.

Visit a trusted veterinarian providing vaccinations cats and dogs no less than two weeks before the boarding date to eliminate the risk of this happening. Ask them to give your pet the necessary vaccines and talk about any concerns you may have about leaving your dog.

Run a Socialization Training

The opportunity for socialization is a great perk of bringing your dog to a boarding kennel. Dogs that live indoors as pets hardly communicate with other animals. It is recommended that you provide refresher training in socialization before boarding to prevent your dog from being excessively distressed upon arriving at the kennel.

Also, bear in mind to bathe your dog and cut its nails before dropping it off at the kennel. Have your pet groomed and cleaned up before you leave. If you do not feel like doing it yourself or do not have the time, you can always go to Animal Health Clinic, offering grooming services.

Adjust Their Sleeping Habits

If your dog is used to sleeping with you, breaking their pattern by leaving them alone, there could be very upsetting to them. You need to realize that they will feel lonely and sad when they have to spend the night in a kennel. You need to do everything you can to change your dog’s sleeping routine if you want it to adjust smoothly to new environments.

If your dog whines at night when left alone, it will likely do the same thing in the kennel. Start changing how you sleep with them to prevent this problem.

Find the Right Facility

There are plenty of boarding options, so it is essential to do a bunch of research before making a decision. You’ll want to take it easy, knowing that this will be an enjoyable and valuable experience for your dog. Taking the time to conduct some research and choose a dog and cat boarding in Manchester, TN, with strong credibility and plenty of pleased customers, is well worth the effort.

The Bottom Line

Preparing them to stay in a dog kennel is a remarkable job, but it will be much easier on both you and your dog if you take the time now to get accustomed to the procedures and expectations of boarding. Researching your boarding choices will provide you confidence in the care your dog is receiving in your absence.

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