Caring for Your Teeth After Dental Implant and Invisalign Treatment

If you’ve recently acquired your dental implant or Invisalign, you may be going through adjustments you’ve never been through before. At the same time, you’re also feeling confident about your smile, and you notice huge improvements each time you look in the mirror. However, things don’t just end there. Dental implants and Invisalign will require a commitment on your part to last longer and function the way they should.

As we get going, we’ll discuss how you can better maintain your teeth, as well as your dental implants and Invisalign, to protect your new smile.

5 Ways to Care for Your Dental Implant and Invisalign

Oral hygiene is always necessary to reap the full benefits of dental treatments and have a long-lasting, gorgeous smile. Your dental implant and Invisalign care start when you leave your dentist’s office after treatment. So how do you maintain your beautiful smile after getting these dental treatments?

Here are five ways to do so:

1. Maintain Regular Dental Checkups

Regular dental exams are always a must. X-rays and professional cleanings ensure your oral health stays healthy so you can keep your dental implants for as long as possible. If cavities or serious issues are found, they can be treated immediately. If you’re wearing Invisalign, dental checkups are essential to maintain as this allows your orthodontist to check if your treatment is going as planned.

2. Wash and Floss

Maintaining your flossing habits is essential when you have dental implants in Ewing Township. Flossing becomes more important with this prosthetic since plaque can accumulate around them and cause other oral hygiene issues. The same applies when you have Invisalign. Flossing your teeth eliminates excess food particles on the crevices the toothbrush cannot reach. After flossing, don’t forget to rinse your mouth with fluoride antibacterial mouthwash.

3. Avoid Using Abrasive Products

Whether it’s mouthwash or toothpaste, buy sensitive cleaning products once you get your Invisalign treatment or dental implants. This is because using abrasive products can cause extreme discomfort. This is especially important for Invisalign users. Using abrasive cleaning products to scrub your aligners can make them appear dull and less invisible, making them easier to see when wearing them.

4. Avoid Smoking

Cigarette smoking can be detrimental to your gum health and increase your chances of developing periodontal disease. Smoking can decrease the amount of saliva in the mouth and suppress the immune system, leaving the gums at risk of infection. Stopping smoking can help prolong your dental implant’s lifespan and prevent stains from appearing on your Invisalign.

5. Limit or Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is high in sugar and a common culprit of tooth decay in normal teeth. However, it can also be problematic for dental implants. It can speed up plaque accumulation and slow down the healing process of post-dental implant surgery. Ewing Dental Associates in Ewing Township recommend avoiding alcohol consumption six months after getting a dental implant procedure.

Final Thoughts

Your dentist’s instructions after your dental implant or Invisalign treatment always come first. Taking care of your teeth after getting the mentioned procedures is straightforward and fairly easy. By following the instructions we’ve put together, you can promote a healthier and brighter smile and prolong the lifespan of your implant and invisible aligner.

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