How to Pass the Canadian Immigration Medical Exam

The medical exam is an integral part of immigration as this is where potential health conditions can be identified and treated accordingly. This process also ensures that no health condition is present that could make you inadmissible for immigration. Going through this step can be tedious and time-consuming, but the results could change your life.

A lot of tests will be conducted on a medical examination. These tests include a complete blood count, urinalysis, blood pressure check, general observation, and more. Knowing the medical process helps us to adjust the preparation and steps we need to take to pass all of them.

How Can I Prepare for a Medical Examination?

Fortunately, there are different ways to increase your chances of passing the immigration medical exam. Here are some of the steps you should take before the exam to condition your physical and mental state;


You must watch your food intake, especially for the days leading to a medical exam. Eating foods with high fat, sugar, and salt can affect the results of numerous laboratory tests like CBC, urinalysis, and blood pressure checks. Making sure you are physically healthy when taking the exam can make the entire process faster and prevent false positives.


Drink a lot of water before the exam. Staying hydrated will help your veins to be easily found and your blood easier to be drawn by an immigration physician panel. You may have low blood pressure during the exam if you are dehydrated. Chances are, you may even faint from exhaustion and dehydration while trying to complete the procedure. 


Strenuous activities like going to the gym and running can lead to inaccurate results as these raise your heart rate and blood pressure. Let your body rest to avoid muscle fatigue or over-exhaustion. Heavy exercises can make your body look in a terrible state to a panel physician in Scarborough. Without adequate rest, proteinuria may be detected, thus leaving an impression that you have a kidney problem or immune disorder.


Blood tests can detect nicotine in your blood. It can also show heavy alcohol intake or monitor alcohol consumption. There are specific tests to assess your liver’s condition to detect possible liver problems. Consuming alcohol before the medical exam may mask your health condition and lead to misdiagnosis. 

Whether you will be undergoing a medical examination or not, you still have to live with health as the focus. 


Fasting makes your laboratory results more precise and reliable. Having a fast before blood samples are drawn can show your correct blood sugar and cholesterol levels. For example, your blood sugar may spike if you eat a few hours before the test, making it seem like you have diabetes. Inaccurate results may require you to take a second test or cause you to fail the medical examination.


Medical exams for immigration are quite stringent, so we have to prepare by watching our food intake and physical activities. Healthy living is an important aspect, not just on immigration medical exams but also in general. Eating healthy, drinking moderately, and abstaining from smoking are a start. Doing so can lead to a healthier life and a significant chance of passing the immigration medical exams.

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