The Right Way To Restore Property After a Fire

The Right Way To Restore Property After a Fire

Restoration of the smoldering fire and damaged property to its pre-loss condition. Cleaning and restoration may take months or even weeks due to the destruction caused by fire. Property board demolition and reconstruction over the rubble, odor and soot removal, interior washing, and elimination of potential hazards such as lead and asbestos are all part of the fire restoration process.

How To Restore a Fire Damage

The repair company you hire for fire damage must first obtain authorization from an authorized body before entering the site to assess the extent of the fire damage. Unlicensed contractors may be in an unsafe situation and risk injuring themselves.

Following their permission to enter the property, the following is how the restoration process typically unfolds:

Damage Assessment

A fire damage specialist will assess the damage caused by the fire and subsequent water intrusions after determining that the structure is safe to enter. Any cleaning is usually determined by how far the fire and smoke penetrated the structure. The process also includes analyzing the building’s contents to determine which items should be removed and which can be repaired. In this case, choose Puroclean; they will assess the damage to all of your premises and personal items. 

Following a thorough evaluation, the smoke damage restoration company will better understand the project’s scope, the time required to complete it, and the cost.

Debris Removal and Property Security

The property must be secured following the inspection and assessment. This includes erecting a fence around the property, cleaning areas, closing holes in the structure and covering or tarping off top sections. Assume the fire did not affect specific areas of the property. Then, restoration experts must separate the zone from the affected area to avoid cross-contamination. 

Water Mitigation, Demolition, and Dry Out

At this time, the goal is to remove the water and dry the building to prevent further corrosion or mold damage. Personal belongings are removed from the building’s interior. Damaged flooring, drywall, and other materials will be removed to the studs if necessary. To dry the structure, the water removal crews will use commercial machines. During this time, roof tarps are used to prevent further water intrusion. For other details, why not read here to learn more about property restoration.

Cleaning and Smoke Elimination

Cleaning is the most time-consuming aspect of a fire restoration project. Manual labor is usually required to remove smoke and soot from the interior and exterior surfaces. Most of the time, every square inch of the affected area must be scrubbed. The deodorizing agent eliminates lingering smoke odors after a thorough cleaning.

If water damage restoration was also performed, sanitizing or applying antimicrobial chemicals may be required in the future to prevent mold growth. However, the removed contents will most likely be restored to their pre-loss state. Cleaning also entails removing any smoke, soot, or other debris accumulated within the vents.

Construction & Restoration

The final step in restoring the property to its pre-loss condition is to repair any fire damage or rebuild areas damaged by fire. For example, during the initial fire inspection, some structural elements may be unsalvageable and must be removed and replaced. This could include reconstructing the roof and electrical wiring, drywall flooring, interior countertops, and fixtures to restore the property to its pre-loss condition.

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