Holistic Vet Care: Different Kinds of Treatment for Your Pet

Many dog owners may be uncertain of what holistic dog care is and what they need to do to ensure their pet is healthy. Giving your dog holistic care doesn’t mean you have to spend extra money on meals that are nutritious and expensive medications. This means that you’re considering the entire dog’s body applying various treatments.

If you take care of your dog this way, it is not treating your body or mind as distinct entities. Instead, you should ensure that you’re protecting and strengthening each of them. It also entails combining various treatments with your regular medication and other options.

Holistic dog treatment includes medications and treatment methods, meals, routines, and conventional diagnostics and supplements. The focus is on promoting wellbeing, not treating illnesses.

Holistic Vet Treatments

If you search for a holistic vet online, you’ll discover that they have a variety of techniques and treatments available to make sure that your dog gets taken seriously. Below are a few of these techniques and treatments.

Chiropractic Treatment

This is a holistic therapy to treat a dog’s muscular or joint disorders that involve realigning and modifying the dog’s body. It’s seen a rise in popularity in recent years due to the absence of any drugs. Horses and other animals with four legs receive regular chiropractic treatments.


Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that uses various ingredients such as essential oils. It releases soothing scents that keep your pet relaxed at all times. You can click here to learn more.


The nutrition in your dog’s diet is an aspect of holistic dog care. It’s vital to remember that if you want your pet to be happy and healthy, you need to take note of the diet it is eating. Many vets will advise you to add herbs and nutrients to your dog’s food, use organic pet meals, or select from a selection of easily accessible specialist foods.

Purchasing higher-end dog meals have been proven to be beneficial. The best dog food is examined for minimal nutritional value and purity standards. Still, higher-end dog foods surpass these standards and employ less controversial methods for food preservation. Visit a vet website like LegacyAMC.com for more information.


This is one of the methods of treatment that is utilized to this day. Veterinarians use acupuncture treatment to treat your dog by inserting needles into various parts of the dog’s body. It helps restore the balance of energy in the dog’s body.

Massage Therapy

Many dog owners don’t understand that massage therapy is essential for the overall health of their dogs. Massage therapy is highly beneficial in the removal of mental and physical stress.

Canine massage treatment is an effective method for providing holistic dog care and improving general health. This method improves circulation, mobility, movement range, muscular suppleness and relieves aching muscles. Furthermore, it assists in alleviating stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Sound Therapy

The body experiences physical modifications as a result of music. Music pulsing at about 60 beats/minute slows the brain waves, making the listener feel calmer and more peaceful while shifting the awareness into a more sane state. This also causes the mind to relax and the metabolism to rise.

Music can calm a hyperactive or anxious pet, whereas natural sounds such as water pouring from a fountain distract them. Lethargic pets may be energized with the sounds of chirping squirrels or fast music that will keep them awake and moving to the beat. A vet website has various information like pet boarding.

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