Emerging Technology Trends and Business Opportunities for Solution/Service Providers

Innovation, technology, and product life cycles are becoming shortened; business use cases and software scenarios are changing swiftly as a result of globalization and technology integration. Organizations need to be flexible to quickly adapt to these emerging trends and be nimble to react to changing market dynamics.

Emerging technology is becoming more and more related with the emergence of numerous data flows. These innovative trends are transformational and are most likely to shape the future.

Trends and Opportunities:

1. Software-defined everything

Software-defined everything is going to bring about accurate interoperability criteria, forcing human technology providers to depart working in silos with proprietary standards. Service providers can only provide value should they have the capacity to offer all the constituents of computing, network, and storage.

Some of the chances for solution/service suppliers include:

• Software-Defined Storage (SDS)
• Supporting software-defined storage programs from leading storage vendors
• Support these SDS products to expand them to other programs and make them feature-rich, enable integration with different ecosystems, etc.
• Building test strategy, tools and frameworks, and various types of testing opportunities
• Software Defined Media (SDN)
• Network orchestration and automation, manage and implement SDN in the enterprise data center
• Professional services like Network Function Virtualization (NFV) implementation consulting or SDN and NFV testing for telecom sellers

2. Flash

Flash technology will surely show an uptick from the 3-5 year horizon. One must stay invested concerning cash, time. There might not be much immediate advancement in Flash adoption by enterprises as a result of prohibitive cost, stable legacy set up, evolving enterprise features. Hence, most businesses remain in the experimental phase, however, there are plenty of business opportunities.

The below trends represent a Few of the opportunities for solution/service suppliers:

• Most flash players are start-ups and Want to keep heart work in-house and also outsource peripheral activities
• Immense product engineering chances will lie with all the big industry players in the Kind of testing wherein they Intend to move products from existing legacy to flash-based platforms
• Flash storage OEMs are consuming PCIe based cards, AHCI and NVMe interface and the Majority of These options are targeted towards cloud Providers

3. Object storage

Enterprises are motivated by the Internet companies’ adoption of storage. Demand for storage is pushed by large data challenges of keeping and analyzing a massive amount of information to give value to your business.

Factors driving the expansion of object storage

• amassed unstructured information
• growing trend of organizations constructing their private or hybrid clouds
• software-defined storage (SDS) approach

Some of the opportunities for solution/service suppliers include:

• Ongoing integration of newer variants of OpenStack swift with existing storage products
• Mergers and acquisitions going on in the object storage industry, which will result in new product acquisitions by large storage vendors. This opens product integration opportunities for service providers

4. OpenStack

OpenStack is moving beyond the early adoption as more and more businesses and service providers are moving towards its adoption. Telecom distance will drive growth for OpenStack. Openstack is the main catalyst for NFV thus helping it to become a reality.

Some opportunities for solution/service suppliers include:

• Provide storage vendors to enable their storage to get OpenStack
• Help businesses set up their OpenStack cloud, offer services
• It opens integration and automation opportunities

5. Server SAN

Server SAN is poised to disrupt traditional storage architectures during the next decade. It is an architecture that turns several direct-attached storage (DAS) devices into a pool of shared resources using a high-speed interconnection such as InfiniBand or even Low-latency Ethernet.

Some of the Server SAN solutions comprise EMC ScaleIO, VMware’s VSAN, and Quantum StorNext. One needs to follow this trend and determine which of the existing solution gains momentum and is very likely to emerge as a front runner.


Businesses are implementing BYOD to conserve costs on software and hardware or to tackle the expectations of the mobile workforce. Provisioning of all of these devices is a Herculean job.

Some of the opportunities for service and solution providers include:

• Option accelerators and automation frameworks in the area of background virtualization, picture management, Content cooperation and Bring Your Own PC options
• In the mobile-cloud era, the user is beginning to rely on endpoints, devices with very limited processing power, smaller screens, maybe no keyboard which makes manageability an area to research.


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